Baseball Strong

An elite baseball specific training and conditioning program, Baseball Strong combines energetic and motivational trainers whose expertise, energy, and cutting edge training principles are second to none. As a result, Baseball Strong has become the area’s leading program in making baseball players faster, stronger, healthier, and more explosive, which all translate to improved bat speed, velocity, and quickness.

Baseball Strong implements a Crossover Symmetry regimen to improve arm and shoulder health, which is one of our top priorities as a program. This, combined with our top of the line nutrition program ensures that our athletes are training hard, but keeping their bodies fresh and healthy.

Our program mirrors elite college and MLB strength programs while providing step-by-step training and instruction on how and why the exercises we do are relevant for baseball players.


To improve squats, deadlifts and presses to develop strength and power.


To strengthen external rotators and the supraspinatus, which are vital for increasing velocity and decreasing risk of injury.


To improve players performance in college baseball and MLB agility/speed test.


  • June 5th- August 3rd
  • Monday - Thursday 9:00 am/10:30 am
  • Early Bird Pricing:
    • - Non Member $650
    • - Member         $575
  • After May 15th Pricing
    • - Non Member $750
    • - Member         $675
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