Zero Limits Performance

A unique training program for baseball and softball athletes created by fitness expert Tyler Skovron, Zero Limits Peformance is a blend of postural alignment therapy, functional movement and strength training.

Posture is the key to utilizing reflexive strength and power. If the trunk, hips and spine are in poor positions during fast athletic movements, the structure of the body won’t be able to absorb and reflect force well.

Skeletal misalignments create excess stress in the body with movement. Extra stress leads to joint degeneration, tissue breakdown, inflammation and injury.

Zero Limits Performance improves posture, achieves balance, strengthens and ultimately prevents injury and enhances recovery. Some say, it even adds inches to your height!


Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
Times Vary 

*Additional classes are being added; email Tyler to reserve a spot!

Dubbed the "posture specialist" by Cubs lefty pitcher (and former Texas Ranger) Cole Hamels, Skovron spent years fine-tuning the Zero Limits Performance method and working with clients to improve fitness, alignment, balance and overall athleticism.

Brought to you by Top Prospect Academy, Zero Limits Performance is a must-have program for players ages 11 and older interested in achieving postural alignment and balance to decrease injury risk and maximize their true potential. Each quarter, the program is adjusted to accommodate fall ball, off-season, spring and summer. 

Praise for Zero Limits Performance

Well-known pitcher Cole Hamels hired Skovron to help make his exercises more efficient. "I stuck to that 5-6 days a week," he said. "I also changed my strength program, it allowed me to utilize and identify my mechanics a little better, getting back to when I felt at my best. Over a period of time, your body doesn't allow you to do that. You get stronger, but you're not utilizing everything that you have." 

After working with Skovron, Cubs infielder David Bote said, "People said I now look bigger and say how much weight I’ve put on. I really haven’t put on extra weight. I’m better stacked. I’m more open in the chest area and not so rounded, more vertical. I can move easier and have better range of motion."  After working with the posture specialist, Bote was quoted saying he measured two inches taller. 

About Tyler Skovron

Tyler Skovron has nearly 15 years of hands-on experience. He's worked at Maryland Sportscare & Rehab, Training Zone Sports and Orangetheory Fitness. Skovron, who once worked with golfers to achieve balance between body and swing, transitioned to baseball in 2017 and has worked with more than 30 MLB and MiLB athletes. Skovron holds multiple certifications including Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and Certified Fitness Professional and Medical Minor (TPI).

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